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In West Okoboji, Iowa, we built a state-of-the-art brewery from the ground, up. We are passionate about brewing exceptional craft beers. We are West O Beer.

We opened in May, 2013 and you can saunter through our doors, go right up to the bar, and order up a cold one, you know, like in those cowboy movies. When you’re in the Iowas Great Lakes Area, be sure to have West Okoboji on your to-do list. West Okoboji…West O beers. Get it? In the meantime, have a look around and get to know us.

“Where did all this come from? We’ve been brewing beer and even making a little wine in our family for generations. I remember our landlord coming over to talk to my dad and, with his coffee cup, dipping beer out of a vat that I could barely see over the top of. We have old ceramic jugs and a bottle of 35 year old home-brew to prove it. Michaela’s dad? Who else do you know who plants three acres of barley and has over 40 hop vines growing in their backyard?”

Who wants to drink a beer with no personality? Yeah, not us either, thank you. It is said that passion is work plus commitment plus pleasure, and that, folks, sums up our beer business plan. If we don’t love what we’re doing, we figure you’ll tell us to take a hike. Or worse.

Where do we start? The local community and the boatloads of families flocking to Lake West Okoboji know the importance. The lake was carved out by a glacier and is only one of three spring-fed lakes in the world. (No, really, we can’t make this stuff up.) This community takes its water quality very seriously…and so do we. Naturally soft water for brewing? Check. Carbon filtration? We do that twice. Fun? Yup, that’s a nice byproduct we’ll take as well. You’ll hear us talk a lot about the water and our involvement with its quality…please stay tuned.

You can have your art and drink it too. (Whaa?? Ha! We just made that up.) But seriously, we do hand-make our beer in small batches so we can tweak it as we go along. We want complex beer that can be savored. Did we mention passion? Underscore all of that.

Tasting Room.
We are so stoked. We built our own state-of-the-art building from the ground up, complete with a lake-friendly tasting room. Drop in after (or before) a day on the water, swimsuit and all, and enjoy an ice-cold one or three in a laid-back surrounding. Take a tour. Take some to go. Heck, if your timing’s good, you might catch us in the act of conceiving the next batch of you favorite beer. (insert mental image here.)

Let’s face it, no one much likes advertising except for the occasional cutesy ad on TV. We see mass-marketing being as lifeless as mass-produced beer. So we’re pretty committed to spending our time making better beer, not trying to twist your arm. We’re pretty confident that when you see the name West O Beer, you’ll know who you’re dealing with.

Our long-standing passion for good beer has only one rivalry…our love for Okoboji. Passion + Water + Process. Sure, we’re excited about our West O beers…but we’re even more excited for you. Lots of places in this great country already have a local, hand-crafted, fresh, original beer that is all their own…

Now, it’s your turn.