Oh, too.

Oh, too.

Our friend, oxygen or O₂, is the beer killer. If you were paying attention in high school chemistry, you have heard about oxidation. Well, we have a few things up our sleeve to minimize oxidation in our bottles.


First, head brewer Karl retrofitted our filler with an additional regulator to increase CO₂ flow into the bottle during filling to displace air. That’s a “double pre-evacuation” in beer-speak. Then we make sure each bottle foams over slightly, also pushing oxygen out. Finally, we have just switched over to new crowns (bottle caps in layman’s terms) that help absorb oxygen (in the photo, that’s the “OXY”.)

And since you’re asking, yes, kegs are a different animal. They are sanitized then purged with CO₂ before filling. That’s pretty common. What’s not so common are the extra steps we take with the bottles, raising the bar.

So, the devil is in the details. You have Karl to thank.

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