A Pre-Thanksgiving Thank You.

A Pre-Thanksgiving Thank You.


Indeed. And this is a time of change for us at West O Beer. We just picked up another Gold Medal, largely thanks to Karl who has already moved on to his next big adventure. We are moving right into winter, any day it seems, and soon enough, the lakes will be frozen over and the Winter Games will be here. And our next expansion will be coming down the road as well (more on that soon.)

A BIG thank you goes to you. For sticking with us, for making our summer (oh, hell, the whole year-to-date) in the tasting room a record-breaker. For increasing sales across the board in our bottle and tap accounts across the state. For bearing with us as we expand into the areas of the state (Iowa? Minnesota? South Dakota?) where you happen to live. Change is good, and life is good.

The challenge? Be an active West O Big Fan. Keep posting on Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram (your choice, you know how they work.) Oh yeah, send us your photos hashtagged with #myWestO so we can start posting them on our website.

And most of all, just keep doing what you’re doing…enjoying our beer and telling your friends about it. Tell strangers about it (hint: t-shirts, caps, etc.) And give us feedback. When you’re in the lakes neighborhood, stop in and give us an earful. Or shoot us an email.

There you go; thank you, everyone. Onward. Because 2016 is shaping up to be awesome.


  • Dennis Frey
    Posted at 16:44h, 21 October

    Growing pains can be difficult. Just stay true and remember what got West O to this point.

    • West O Beer
      Posted at 16:45h, 21 October

      Amen to that. Big thanks.