Aaron Fowler/Laura Dungan. Live music.

Aaron Fowler/Laura Dungan. Live music.

“Aaron Fowler and Laura Dungan combine their areas of musical expertise and empowerment to create a dynamic and rich musical experience in the folk tradition. Their music leads the listener to be attentive and appreciative of one’s place in the world, examine matters of the heart and conscience, and lend courage to take next steps on the journey.”

Website: www.fowlerdungan.com

Aaron Fowler and Laura Dungan will perform live in the West O tasting room on Saturday, July 2, 2016 from 2–4pm.

  • Bjo Schreier
    Posted at 22:05h, 25 June

    Hi- I just tried your coco stout. It is a superb brew. I like sweet, long middle flavors and and a wisp off. You qualify. It does well with my fresh black pepper/cardamon blend sprinkled on the froth in a spoon. Please stay excellent. Only change what needs to be changed.
    I say to the barkeep, “I’m a little teapot…” and he knows the rest. (I may need to be more specific now.)
    We plan to visit you from Rapid City, SD.
    Blessings be seen. ….. possible elves as well. (They are the wickedest beer taste sheriffs.)