Part-time server needed!

Running a brewery is not all fun and games, yo. It’s work, and we need help, namely a part-time server. If you think you have the right stuff, stop by to tell us about it. Or our tasting room manager for more details.

Winter Games 2015.

Plenty of goodness happening this year, even if the ice is a bit too thin.

Friday 7-10, live music with Chad Elliott with Jeffrey Messerole.

Saturday, Team West O in Broom Ball; here’s the bracket (click to enlarge.)


Saturday 3pm, Frozen Fanny Fat Bike Race (West O is a sponsor and beer will be served 1/2 to 1 hour before the start at the Dickinson County Nature Center.)

Saturday 7-10, more live music with David Zollo.

*Friday and Saturday til 6, free CocO and Punk’d Pie ice cream floats in the tasting room.

“I’ve had every beer, man” video (!)

What’s it take to promote a beer fest, you ask? Besides beer, lots of behind the scenes ad-buys and social networking and list making. Sausage-making. And then along comes the staff of Results Radio (KIKN, KSOO and KMXC) with a healthy dose of creativity and mountains of sense of humor to promote the Sioux Empire On Tap Craft Beer Festival at The District on February 7, 2015. You probably have a spare minute-seventeen…just watch. smiley-yellow


Tastings and Fests. Out the wazoo.

We’re kicking off the new year right. Saturday, January 17, 2015, we have not one, but two beerfests and expos to attend to. Black Hills Beerfest starts at noon in Rapid City, SD takes place at Ramkota/Minervas Restaurant and Bar. And the Mankato (MN) Craft Beer Expo is also Jan. 17, from 3-6. Follow the links for more information.

And wait there’s more: we’ll be doing tap takeovers in the run-up to both:

Independent Ale House 4pm-?? Thurs., Jan. 15 in Rapid City, SD.
Tav on the Ave 5-7pm Thursday, Jan. 15 in Mankato, MN.
Wobbly Bobby British Pub 4pm-?? Friday, Jan. 16 in Rapid City, SD.

A ton more to come in 2015; stay tuned.

Oh, too.

Our friend, oxygen or O₂, is the beer killer. If you were paying attention in high school chemistry, you have heard about oxidation. Well, we have a few things up our sleeve to minimize oxidation in our bottles.


First, head brewer Karl retrofitted our filler with an additional regulator to increase CO₂ flow into the bottle during filling to displace air. That’s a “double pre-evacuation” in beer-speak. Then we make sure each bottle foams over slightly, also pushing oxygen out. Finally, we have just switched over to new crowns (bottle caps in layman’s terms) that help absorb oxygen (in the photo, that’s the “OXY”.)

And since you’re asking, yes, kegs are a different animal. They are sanitized then purged with CO₂ before filling. That’s pretty common. What’s not so common are the extra steps we take with the bottles, raising the bar.

So, the devil is in the details. You have Karl to thank.

Where’s CocO?



Everyone wants that Gold Medal beer, now where will it be? It’s up to our distributors, so time to make some noise, folks. Go to your favorite retail location where you buy beer, and ASK. Then REPEAT. We’ve got plenty of CocO, and there’s more where that came from. Heck, we even have a handy flyer with tear off tabs. Print some off, and hand them out. Now stores will have no excuse for not knowing about CocO Stout. Or where to find it.

Hit the streets. And thank you.

Gift boxes!

Our tasting room manager, Jen, has outdone herself again by whipping up some fantastic gift boxes for the beer lovers on your list. And there’s a boatload of options too, so you’d better just stop by, or give her a call to place an order. We can’t ship beer, but it appears we’re shipping just about everything else.

giftbox1 giftbox2 giftbox3