RAOB for October 1.

That’s Random Acts of Beer, peeps. We welcome a new month and another West O Wednesday with a POP QUIZ to give more shirts away. This time, just fill out your name and email address below, then comment on this:

What is the name or style of the West O beer that is currently in the label and box approval process for bottling? (Hint: it has been around a while; it’s just never been bottled. Yet.)

First two correct answers win a free West O t-shirt. We’ll turn off comments later in the afternoon. And the beer will be in bottles soon. smiley-yellow

One prize per person per month. Share the beer love.



Big news at Jethro’s.

Jethro’s in Des Moines is THE deal. And they just ordered up Smoked Red kegs for five of their locations (we don’t know which ones…part of the fun.) So time to be social: be the first one of you Smoked Red + Jethro’s fans to post a nice recognizable photo of our tap handle in Jethro’s*, and you’re gonna win. How about a $50 Jethro’s gift card (good at any location) and a Smoked Red hoodie? Look for that tap handle.

*The fine print: it’s gotta be a West O tap handle at one of the Jethro’s joints. Include something in the photo that’s obviously Jethro’s. Shirts, signs, use your creativity. THEN POST IT: either to our Facebook page or Twitter account. Use those writing skills you learned in school and make a comment about the location you’re at. And tell Jethro’s thanks!

jethros1 jethros2 jethros3 jethros4

Beer school. You heard us right.

As they say at Beer School at Pounders, “pencils down and pints up.” Recently, Matt and Karl trekked to Aberdeen, SD to speak to the school that trumps all schools. After talking at length about all things beer (and taking over the taps with West O keg,) Pounders even gave Karl an assignment: “fill this firkin with something good and send it back.” Happy to comply.

September Super Saturday.

So much happening today, here’s the condensed list for Sept. 20, 2014:

ICBT in Denison at the Tri City BBQ Fest, Little Giant Beer Summit – el Bait Shop, Des Moines, Taste of History Wine Walk – Dakota City, IA (Humboldt), Rock River Beer Fest – LuVerne, MN, Beervana – Monks- Sioux Falls, and LIVE MUSIC with Byron Kuehl in the tasting room, 7-10. You know where you are, and where you need to be. Go forth and enjoy.

Hey Big Fan, winter hours are here.

West O WednesdayHoly snowmobile; it’s time to change over to winter hours again. Importantly, look out for West O Wednesday: Pint and growler discounts. Sending out our new and improved BIG FAN weekly email newsletter. Giving stuff away to people receiving said newsletter. It’s gonna be another cold one, so have a cold one, and we’ll all make the best of it. In the meantime, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter, then make sure you watch your email. You never know what’s coming down the vortex.

Sunday: Noon to 7
Monday and Tuesday: Closed
West O Wednesday: 2 to 10
Thursday and Friday: 2 to 10
Saturday: Noon to 10


CocO Stout, in bottles, soon.

screen-shotSo, what have we here? A computer mockup that we have to submit for government approval before we print labels. This may just exist in the virtual world for now, but pretty soon it’s going to make a break for the real world. We’re confident you can figure out the rest.

If you visit the tasting room, you probably already know about CocO Stout because it’s been around a while on tap. What’s in it? Real cocoa nibs, bourbon vanilla beans, imported sugar and caramel malt. There’s a mild chocolate flavor with hints of vanilla, oats and subtle coffee. Karl says it’s a Milk Stout, and that’s that. Oh, yeah. What’s not in it? Coconut. Boom Chocolaka.