Ryne Doughty. Live music.

ryne.doughty.1Due to weather, tonight’s music is cancelled. Sorry, peeps.

Ryne Doughty is a folk-roots musician out of Des Moines, IA, whose music is deeply rooted in real life stories of love, loss, work, and play. His stripped down, earthy sound is directly influenced by the small, rural town where he was born and raised. The hard-working, simple living, and friendly way of life of the Midwest shines through his music that is understated yet complex and rich with beauty and realness. Playing behind his second studio album, “To the Factory”, Doughty is back in Iowa after a few years in the mountains of Colorado and is starting to make a name for himself in the Midwest scene. Whether he plays small venues or big venues he is turning heads wherever he plays. With solid finger-style guitar picking and a rich baritone voice he brings a dynamic of warmth and richness to the stage. Doughty’s performances are always passionate and full of energy and songs that tell real life stories. His live performance and studio albums alike will not leave you wanting. Doughty’s main passion in life is to share his music with the very people who help influence it; the real, hard working, everyday people that make this beautiful world go around.

Welcome Ryne Doughty to the West O tasting room on Saturday, November 21 from 7–10pm.

Ryne Doughty website.
Ryne Dougty on Reverbnation
Ryne Doughty on Facebook.

Charlie Roth. Live music.


Charlie Roth is a regular in the live music department at West O Beer. Americana, Folk, Blues, Country, Celtic; he’s a unique blend of all these genres. What Charlie is best at is telling a story with his rich baritone vocal, acoustic guitar, rack harmonica, and foot percussion. His fifth album ‘Broken Ground’ reached up to #6 on the Euro Americana charts and continues to get air play all over the world. He has recorded with the likes of Sam Bush, Michael Bland and other American legends. A consummate showman, an entertainer with countless gigs under his belt, Charlie has mastered the art of playing and singing from his heart, exuding the sheer joy of making great music which can be felt by everyone who is connected to that magical and medicinal spiritual grace.

“Story telling of the highest order, Charlie Roth is a name to remember” Ralph McLean show BBC in Northern Ireland

We welcome Charlie Roth back to the tasting room on Sat. Nov. 14 from 7–10pm. You won’t want to miss this.

Charlie Roth website
Charlie Roth on Facebook


Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo.


Visit West O Beer at the annual Sioux Falls Craft Beer Expo…look for our corner booth #23 on Saturday, Nov. 7. VIP admission opens at 2pm, and General Admission starts at 3, running til 6pm. We’re stoked, and STOCKED: CocO, Pilsner, Smoked Red, and Holy L.

This event supports the JY6 Foundation (Jorgen Yde Foundation), a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity that focuses on funding research in the areas of pediatric oncology and leukemia research.

A Pre-Thanksgiving Thank You.


Indeed. And this is a time of change for us at West O Beer. We just picked up another Gold Medal, largely thanks to Karl who has already moved on to his next big adventure. We are moving right into winter, any day it seems, and soon enough, the lakes will be frozen over and the Winter Games will be here. And our next expansion will be coming down the road as well (more on that soon.)

A BIG thank you goes to you. For sticking with us, for making our summer (oh, hell, the whole year-to-date) in the tasting room a record-breaker. For increasing sales across the board in our bottle and tap accounts across the state. For bearing with us as we expand into the areas of the state (Iowa? Minnesota? South Dakota?) where you happen to live. Change is good, and life is good.

The challenge? Be an active West O Big Fan. Keep posting on Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram (your choice, you know how they work.) Oh yeah, send us your photos hashtagged with #myWestO so we can start posting them on our website.

And most of all, just keep doing what you’re doing…enjoying our beer and telling your friends about it. Tell strangers about it (hint: t-shirts, caps, etc.) And give us feedback. When you’re in the lakes neighborhood, stop in and give us an earful. Or shoot us an email.

There you go; thank you, everyone. Onward. Because 2016 is shaping up to be awesome.


Okoboji Oktoberfest.

Last we checked, it was still October, which in beer-speak is spelled Oktober. With a FEST added on the end. This weekend is no different, with a ton of stuff going on, capped off with Rocktoberfest. West O has the beer covered, but you must experience the music. No seriously, Google that stuff. The bands are killer.



The Wrong Omar/Joey Shaheen. Live music.


www.reverbnation.com/thewrongomar –  “Joey Shaheen aka: “The Wrong Omar” has been touring the US and Canada, singing his “sidewalk confessionals of bad choices” with a tongue-in-cheek curmudgeon persona for old souls of all ages. His solo acoustic show follows a string of radio and TV performances throughout the Southeast and Mid-West. Soulful work on the piano leads to a set of guitar/harp and foot tambo songs that can be best described as: “crying tears of joy while making love”. You might also laugh yourself silly with some of his stories. Be warned: you may walk away with these tunes stuck in your head, and you will be encouraged to sing along at times too.”

The Wrong Omar presents a night of roots/folk/rock with blues harp, stories and rock&roll aphorisms, Saturday, October 24, 7-10pm.

Paint Your Stein with Kurio Kastle.


How about a one-of-a-kind stein for the beer lover in your family? Join us AGAIN on December 13 at West O and unleash your inner artist with Kurio Kastle. Kurio Kastle makes it easy to decorate your stein, then they fire it to make it a permanent work of art. Ask in the tasting room to get signed up. Only $31 (includes tax.) Christmas is right around the corner.