2015 Summer hours are here. Finally.


When you are this far north of Miami (almost any of them) it often seems like summer will never get here. Well it’s officially here again, and by official we mean by Iowa Great Lakes rules, meaning after Memorial Day. So say hello to our summer hours. Take note: there are three (3!) days per week where we open at noon. Stop in soon (bring the kids!) and let’s carpe some diem.

Sunday: Noon-9
Tuesday – Thursday: 2-10
Friday – Saturday: Noon-10
Closed Mondays.

Discounts on WEST O WEDNESDAY.




Ceolmhor. 6/6/15 7-10pm.


Not a typo. We have a band visiting on June 6 from 7-10, and they had us at Zevon. In their words: “We are an acoustic cover band and play the folk rock genre of music, everything from A to Z, i.e. America (the group) to Warren Zevon.”

Their short list includes:

  • Beatles
  • Buffalo Springfield
  • CCR
  • CSN&Y
  • Emerson Lake and Palmer
  • Firefall
  • Drive By Truckers
  • Ray Wiley Hubbard
  • Little Feat
  • Grateful Dead
  • Old Crow Medicine Show

And by the way, “kel-mohr…hard to pronounce, easy to listen to.” Looking forward to this.

It’s the Terrible 2’s.

growler-glassWell, ladies and gentlemen, Happy Birthday to us. We’re going to do this up right, again, so plan to spend some quality time in Okoboji.

Join us Saturday, May 23, 2015, noon to 10pm, for our annual birthday bash to celebrate our arrival into the world. Or to get you out of the house for the afternoon. “Whatever” as the big boys say. Or as we prefer to see it and say it: “we’d love to have you along for the day.”

This year, we continue to line up plenty of stuff to do…we encourage you to not miss out. Our list is growing, so you may want to check back here during the next few days:

  • At noon, we give away 100 of our commemorative glasses like the one you see in the photo. We give you the glass, you’re on your own for the beer. That’s noon, and not a minute earlier. And you gotta be in line.
  • Say hello to a fresh batch of Honeysuckle Saison.
  • Free pizza at 6. While it lasts.
  • There. Will. Be. Games. State-of-the-art beanbag toss.
  • There will also be beer. Karl has made sure of that.
  • Speaking of Karl: Brewery tours by Head Brewer Karl at 1, 3, and 5pm.
  • Live music times 2: from 2-5pm it’s the South 71 Trio. And 7-10pm, David Lee returns and sends us this note: “I’m looking forward to having my friend, Rob Ashe of BOOTS along with me. He brings a great bluesy and roots feel to the show with his resonator slide & chicken pickin’ guitar style.” We can’t wait.
  • Peanuts.
  • Oh yeah, say hello to a new growler too. You asked for a less expensive alternative to our famous stainless steel growler, so here it is. If you keep filling it with OUR beer, you are guaranteed it will be 100% Iowa Brewed™. That’s marketing talking.
  • Growler Dog will be doing his thing.
  • Chat over a beer with the owners, head brewer, tasting room manager, and marketing monkey. Free advice, yo. Even from the monkey.
  • It’s as good a time as ever to also remind you of summer hours. They start right after Memorial Day, including three days a week of opening at noon.
  • Random Acts of Beer. Translation: free stuff.
  • More, more, we’re sure there will be more.

It’s like last year, only better. West Okoboji, FTW.

Ken Gaines, singer-songwriter, tonight!

We have a soft spot in our heart for singer-songwriters, because they’re the ones who are actually creating as well as performing. They are telling us their story, rubber meeting the road, and that’s something that resonates with everyone. Join us Friday, March 6 from 7-10 as we welcome Ken Gaines. He’s got street-cred out the wazoo…he’s the real deal and we hope you fill up his tip jar tonight. www.kengaines.com

kengaines2 kengaines1kengaines

Coffee House Music Night. No coffee involved.


Why “Coffee House”? Because if we called it “Beer House Music Night” you’d be expecting polka music. We’ve got nothing against polka; we just wanted a laid-back acoustic-style vibe while showcasing local talent. Like Clint Riedel (Wright County Rambler), J. Messerole, Matt Andrews, Jakob Wittkamp with Karina (from Storm Rising), and Tammy Hamlin.

Our first Coffee House Music Night is Saturday, February 21 from 7 to 10 pm. Come out and support some local talent. Sans coffee.



Dream job.


Brewery Inside

Wish you were here.

Yup…we are in need of a full-time assistant brewer. You may think this requires a boatload of previous experience, but you would be wrong.

This is an opportunity for one hard-working individual to learn brewing from Karl “The Gold Medal Master” Schmitz starting at the ground floor, “ground floor” being a metaphor for pushups, of course. Think of it like an apprenticeship or on-the-job-training. Call it what you want, it’s beer, and it’s someone’s dream job (our biased opinion.)

Requirements and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping production area clean
  • Following CIP SOPs to clean and sanitize tanks, equipment and kegs
  • Filling kegs
  • Bottle filling and labeling
  • Ability to lift 75 lbs. repeatedly, and move kegs 165 lbs.
  • Follow head brewers instructions
  • Pushups when you screw up (12 minimum)
  • Be a fast learner
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to work in hot wet environment
  • Be passionate about craft beer
  • Able to speak to and interact with customers, sometimes in groups

Think you’ve got what it takes? Bonus points for knowing how to research and create an impressive cover letter and resumé. Then email both to 

Holy L, it’s fussed over.


You may not realize this, but we are always looking for ways to make little improvements in our beer. Think of it as micro-tweaking. Or fussed over. Changes so small that maybe only Karl knows the difference. But the point is we don’t cut corners to save a buck…there is a difference, for the better. We go out of our way for quality ingredients for quality beer, and even the packaging that protects it.

And then, sometimes, we have a more noticeable raising of the bar. That has just happened with Karl finding superior hops for Holy L. Again, quite the opposite of corner cutting. We actually think you’ll notice the subtle improvement. Give it a try, especially if you haven’t for a while. We’d like to know what you think.

And a big shout-out to Indy Hops of Portland, Oregon!