Growler Care


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OK, you’ve seen those glass growlers? It really is a cool thing to pour beer out of a jug, all retro like, as if you’re living back in the dust bowl, drinking great-grandpa’s home brew. No, really. We like that nostalgia.

But. This here is not grandpa’s growler.

Sadly there are drawbacks to the glass growler. Like, it’s glass. Yes, to protect beer from light, brown glass is not bad. Until you have three in the rumble seat of the coupe, clanking around on those back roads. Or worse yet, you drop one on a rock on the beach (in some places, there are even laws against that.) You’d think there has to be a better way.

Yes, way. We found these awesome stainless steel ones with integrated, high-tech rubber compression-seal caps. Grab one of these from your fridge and you will experience, over and over, why good beer and good containers go together.

Here’s the deal on freshness and shelf life: Keep it cold, then drink it.Sooner means fresher, even though it will stay carbonated for quite a while. The minute beer flows into the growler, it will begin to oxidize. Remember high school chemistry? Oxidation is generally not your friend. Hoppy beer oxidizes even faster. We know you wanted a timeline, so it may keep, unopened, for a day or three. Once opened, keeping it overnight is pushing it. As always, your mileage will vary.

And, the care and feeding part: Rinse thoroughly when empty, finish with cold water. Leave the lid open to air dry. We will rinse them again before filling, just in case. BUT, if you don’t treat your growler nicely it will get all moldy and stuff and you may have to drink, like, six pints at our bar while you wait for us to clean it properly. Yes, we may growl.


p.s. Need ice for transporting your babies? Just ask.