All About the Water

It’s true. We chose an empty lot at 503 Terrace Park Blvd in West Okoboji because of the water service we would receive from West Okoboji Lake. What came next was a minor miracle: We built a state-of-the-art brewery from the ground up, on a start-up budget, and have been adding tanks ever since. Every detail and piece of equipment was chosen and placed with our process and top quality in mind. No corners cut, just like our ingredients.

Our water is carbon-filtered prior to reaching the brewery… but, as we often double down, we decided to filter it a second time before we brew your beer with it.


Behind the Taproom we have 4,200 square feet of state-of-the-art brewing and packaging equipment. We like to refer to our production as “beer-making.” Why? It’s the human touch that makes the difference in beer. It’s hard work, and it’s every day. Our brewers are focused on every detail from start to finish, with cleanliness, quality and process in mind… And when we’re not pouring ourselves into our current lineup, we’re developing something brand new for you to enjoy.


You’ll find our taproom on the front side, where our finished beer passes through the wall and out of the faucets into your glass. No, at this point, average is still not good enough. Every pint glass is cleaned, sanitized, visually inspected and rinsed one more time with filtered water prior to being filled. It’s the last opportunity, along with our service and knowledge, to make sure you have the best beer and experience possible. Stop by and see for yourself.


Since Wednesday is the only available W” day, we pair it up with our name to give our beer fans West O Wednesday. Every Wednesday it’s a buck off pints, and there are discounts on growler fills as well.

See you on Wednesday!