West O Beer
503 Terrace Park Blvd.
West Okoboji, IA  51351-7300

For inquiries about investing, marketing partnerships, beer questions, or basically “all of the above,” you can reach us here:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you kid/family friendly?

Absolutely! We even have root beer on tap and games for everyone to play.

Can we bring in our own food?

Yes. We sometimes have a food truck, but if not you can bring your own or check out the menus we have for delivery to the brewery.

Can you fill growlers from other breweries?

Uh, we’ll fill pretty much anything, as long as it’s 72 oz or less.

Do you sell wine?

Yes, by the glass. We have a great selection of local IA wine to choose from. We also sell hard sparkling apple cider.

Do you have gift cards/certificates?

Indeed we do, just stop in and ask one of our servers.

Can you ship beer?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Sorry.

Do we need to make reservations for our group?

Typically, no. But if we’re between Memorial Day and Labor Day and/or you have a group of 15 or more, give us a call if you can.

Do you give tours?

We do not have scheduled tours, but if you have a group call ahead and we can usually line something up. Or ask when you’re having a beer, we may have staff available to jump back for a look.

Do you can?

We hand-brew and can everything, right here in West Okoboji. You can find us in almost every major liquor store. If you can’t find it, ask them “Where’s your West O?”

Do you allow dogs?

Not in the tasting room, but they can be in our attached patio space.

My question isn't listed here!

That’s not really a question, but… Fear not! You can use the contact form above to give us a shout.